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Crossing the First Threshold

Falcon Words delivers professional resume and cover letter writing services to help you mount the first recruitment challenge: landing the interview.

Recruiters don’t spend more than 5 to 30 seconds on one resume. That is one narrow window! With resume screening software becoming pervasive, this opening is fast contracting. Plus, technology is broadcasting job opportunities far and wide, thereby escalating competition.

Top resume and cover letter writers grab this window of opportunity for you. Like all advertisements, resumes and cover letters have to catch and hold the audience’s attention, for these documents are your professional advertisement. 

Recruiters normally read the letter before deciding whether to look at your resume. While the resume is more general in nature, the cover letter is the customized version of your accomplishments.

Here are few tips that professional resume and cover letter writers always follow:

Remember: resumes and cover letters secure the job interview, not necessarily the job

Both documents must complement each other

Using proper keywords, jargon, and headings boosts your chances                   

Define your compatibility with 
the position and company

Strictly: NO TYPOS

Relevant Experience:

Resume-Cover Letter for a Medical Sales Representative

Cover Letters for a Management Graduate applying in Financial Management

Multiple Cover Letters for a German Political Science Graduate applying as Political Analyst / Organizer with American Socio-Political Organizations

Cover Letters for an American Software Engineer seeking employment with Organizations using technology to improve people’s lives 

Sample Content

Sales Executive Cover Letter

Sales Executive Resume

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