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"Those who cannot learn from history are condemned to repeat it."
- George Santayana

Falcon Words views history as a subject that provides the right lessons. There is wisdom in history and professional history writers help find it. The root of many current issues lies in the past and so does their solution.

You may want an article on historical personalities or events. Or a report on the evolution of ideologies in history. More than just describing people, places, and events, top freelance history content writers deliver conceptual clarity. 

Falcon Words has created sterling content on

Renaissance and Enlightenment

French Revolution, American War of Independence, American Civil War, and Russian Revolution

Unification of Germany and Italy

Industrial Revolution, Colonization, World Wars and the Interwar Period, Concept of Total War, and Decolonization

The Cold War, Collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Ascendancy of the United States

Causes for Underdevelopment of Africa and Latin America

Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Indian History

Sample Content

The Industrial Revolution

Exploring the Causes for World War I
beyond German Culpability

Take a step back in time to better understand the present!

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